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Guide To Become An Australian Citizen

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    Australia PR Process

    The Ultimate Guide To The Australia PR Process 

    Over the past years, immigrants show more interest in moving and setting in Australia permanently. If you are also one who plans to get the Australia PR, then this blog will guide you through the simple PR process steps. 


    Australia PR

    An Australia PR is a Permanent Residency visa that let you study, work and settle in this country by using a point-based immigration system. As well, having the Australia PR will provide you with ample benefits. 

    Step-1: Ensure You Are Eligible For The Australia PR 

    Foremost, your job should be listed in the Skilled Occupation List regardless of the visa type you have planned to apply for to be qualified for an Australia PR.

    You must score at least 65 points in the Points Grid where you are evaluated based on factors such as age, education, work experience, and others.

    Step 2: Get Your Language Skill Test Results

    The next step is to accomplish your English language skill test. You can choose to give one of the 3 Language Skill Tests: IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

    Step 3: Get Your Skills Assessment Report From Skill Select

    In the third step, you have to get your education and professional documents evaluated. 

    Australia compares your overseas education with its Australian equivalency. You can do this by sending your records to the chosen body called Skill Select. Then, in your Expression of Interest (EOI), you must then attach your Skill Select report.


    Step-4: On Skill Select, Register Your Expression of Interest (EOI) 

    Registering your Expression of Interest (EOI) is one of the most significant steps in your journey of Australia PR. In Australia’s Skill Select portal, you should register an EOI. This is a way to inform the authorities that you are interested in applying for the Australia PR. 


    You would be invited to apply for a visa based on your EOI and depending on the aspects including education, English proficiency score, and experience in your field of work. Here are the steps to register your EOI on Skill Select: 

    Check Eligibility

    Step-5: Receiving An Invitation to Apply (ITA)

    Once you complete the above process, now you can wait to get your ITA. Candidates with the highest EOI ranking obtain an ITA. Also, receiving an ITA means you are just one step before getting your PR Visa.


    Step 6: Submit Your PR Application 

    After getting your ITA, the last step is to submit your Australia PR visa in 60 days.


    Step 7: Submit Health And Character Credentials

    You will also have to submit further documents including your authorization certificates and passport for Australia PR visa stamping.


    Eligibility Requirements Of Australia PR 

    Below are the needful eligibility necessities to process your Australia PR application. 

    Age– The candidate has to be a minimum of under 45 years old while applying for PR. 

    Skills Assessment – Applicants have to get their skills assessed by the immigration authorities. before planning for Australian immigration.

    PR Points Calculator – You should score at least 65 points under Australia’s PR Points Grid

    Nominated Occupation – For any candidate having a skill nominated under the Skilled Occupation List is the main requirement

    English Language Proficiency – Aspirants have to show at least a competent level of ability in English language proficiency

    Character Assessment – It is important to offer character credentials that state you do not have any criminal record

    Health Assessment – The health assessment document is vital to state that you are healthy for the country

    What Are The Documents Needed To Get The Australia PR? 

    Generally, you would need the below documents to get the Australia PR. 

    Last Few Words 

    Don’t forget to keep all the things in your mind when you plan to get the Australia PR. Also, you can contact Aram Visas whenever you need any kind of support regarding Australian immigration! 

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