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Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass - 485) Post-Study Work Stream

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    post-study work stream visa

    The temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) – post-post-study work stream is for global students who have graduated with an Australian institution degree. Also, it will allow you to live, study and work nation temporarily. 


    What You Can Do With Temporary Graduate Visa?

    You can do the below things when having a temporary graduate visa.

    As well, you have to find your job, and the government won’t take the responsibility of arranging employment. 


    Duration Of Stay 

    Subclass 485 is a temporary visa, and your Australian education qualification level will determine your duration of stay. 

    The visa begins on the date they grant the subclass 485 visa. In addition, you can’t stay longer by extending the post-study work stream visa. 


    Include Family         

    Check Eligibility

    Cost Of The Post-Study Work Stream Visa 

    Continue reading the below lines to know the cost of the post-study work stream visa. 

    Where You Can Apply From For The Post-Study Work Stream (Subclass 485)? 

    Processing Times Of The Post-study work Stream 

    Your post-study work stream (subclass 485) application can take more time to proceed if:

    They can’t process your visa application if you do not pay the right visa application fee. Also, they will notify you if this is the case and if obligatory, return your application.


    Your Responsibilities

    You and your family have to meet all visa conditions and follow Australian protocols.



    You can travel outside Australia and come back as much as you need while the visa is valid.

    The time you spend outside Australia does not extend the post-study work stream (subclass 485).


    Visa Label

    The officers will digitally link your post-study work stream (subclass 485) to your passport. You will not get a label on your Australian passport.


    Post-study work Stream’s Eligibility Criteria 

    If you want to get the post-study work stream visa, then make sure to meet the below eligibility requirements. 

    Post-Study Work Stream Step-By-Step Process 

    Step 1: Before You Apply For The Visa 

    Start these steps as soon as possible after your education provider has confirmed you have completed your study course. Moreover, you have to apply for the visa within 6 months of the completion official date. 

    Step 2: Collect Your Documents

    Provide proof of your study, credentials, skills valuation, identity, and relationships. You will also have to offer documents for your family members.

    Step 3: Apply For The Temporary Graduate Visa (Subclass 485) Visa

    You must apply for the post-study work stream visa online.

    Step 4: After You Apply For The Visa 

    The Australian government will let you know when they have received your visa application and documents. 

    Step 5: Post-Study Work Stream Visa Result

    You can be in or outside Australia but not in immigration approval when they decide on your temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) visa application. If you are a subsequent candidate (family member), then you can be in or outside Australia when they decide on your visa application. In addition, they will let you know their decision about your visa application in the letter. If they approve the visa, then they will tell you:

    If they refuse your temporary graduate visa (subclass 485) visa, then they will tell you why they rejected it and if you have a right to an evaluation of the decision. As well, they will not refund the visa application cost if they refuse your visa application.


    When You Have The Post-Study Work Stream Visa 

    You should have:

    Final Thoughts 

    Do you want to get a temporary graduate visa? Then contact Aram Visas today! We have an expert team that will help you to migrate to Australia without facing any hurdles. So, go through our website and contact us now!

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