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Student visa Canada

Canada Study Visa Process

In order to Study in Canada, every student must secure a Canadian Student Visa from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The amount of International students currently residing in Canada is over 30000, which serve as a catalyst for the vast number of Permanent Residency and Work Permit approvals.

To be eligible to apply for a Canada student permit, a student must obtain a standardized written offer letter. This letter is obtained from any of the Higher education provider based in Canada. The higher education provider is listed under Designated Learning institutions (DLI) list accredited by CIC.

Guide To The Canada Student Visa

Planned to study in Canada? Then certainly you will require a study permit! This is a document issued by the Canadian immigration authorities that serve as approval to study in Canada Moreover, global students cannot enroll in a Canadian college. So, students, who get a study permit visa can easily enroll in the designated learning institutes without any difficulties. However, you may feel overwhelmed when thinking about getting a student visa. So, reading the below lines will let you know the essential things about the Canada student visa.

Obtaining The Canada Student Visa

Along with all the specified documents to Canada, you would be needed to carry the letter of Introduction. Also, you would meet with an immigration officer at the airport. They would present the passport and the letter of introduction to the agency officers who control the border. Then he would validate the same, and if it is enough, then they will issue your study permit visa.

Canada Student Visa Eligibility Criteria

If you meet the following criteria, then you can apply for a Canada study visa.

Apart from that, during the student visa interview time, you have to convince the visa officer that you will leave Canada once you have completed your education.

Required Documents For The Canada Student Visa 

After you receive the college acceptance letter, you must apply for a Canada student visa. When you aim at the September intake, you must start the Canada student visa around June. The below documents are required to apply for the visa.

     1. Valid Passport

You must require an applicable passport to apply for a student permit. Due to the Canadian high commission, you must have a passport whose validity covers the plans to reside in Canada. Also, if you plan to travel to Canada in September 2022 to enroll in a two years course, then your passport must be applied until at least 2024.

     2. Acceptance Proof By A Designated Learning Institution

You would require the acceptance letter from the Canadian institute or university you have decided to attend. A designated learning institute is a university that is identified by the department of immigration. If you are applying for Quebec, then you also want a CAQ that may be notified properly.

     3. Proof Of Funds 

During the time of your study permit application, you would have to show proof of funds. According to the current standards, you could be required to prove that you have adequate funds to pay your tuition fees and take care of your living expenses. Additionally, Canadian immigration considers a student could need a minimum of CAD 10,000 for each year of your stay. Apart from these two, the student would also be required to prove that they have sufficient funds for a return fare as well. With the following factors, the funds can be proven:

     4. Passport Size Photographs 

If you have chosen an offline application, you would want two passport-sized photographs that follow the given standards. Also, you should get a digital copy of the photograph, which should not be more than 4MB for an online application. Other requirements are standard impartial facial expression, a plain background, and no headdress (unless for spiritual purposes). Furthermore,

     5. Immigration Medical Examination 

Canadian immigration needs international students from India to undertake a mandatory Immigration Medical Examination from impaneling doctors. As well, the students would have to book an appointment and visit these doctors for a medical test, rather than before a week begin their student visa application. Also, this is giving the doctor sufficient time to check and upload all the essential documents. So, booking an appointment with the doctor in advance will reduce your stress.

     6. English Language Skill Exam Score 

Though it is not essential to have the English language skills score at the application time, it is better that you have appeared for and got this point before you begin the visa application procedure. Accordingly, you should submit this score to confirm your Canadian university admission.

     7. Statement Of Purpose

When you apply for a Canadian study permit visa, you would be needed to submit an essay stating your Canada trip purpose and reason to select the particular institution. Also, this could be prompted as an elective document in the checklist, but it is best to submit the same.

     8. Credit Card

If you make an online application, then you could also need a credit card to pay the application charge. Moreover, the Indian student’s visa application fee for Canada is CAD 150. Furthermore, keep in mind that the system accepts only credit cards and not debit cards. As well, it is not mandatory, it will be your own credit card, also it can be your parent’s card.

Final Opinion

Apart from the above, when you apply for a Canadian student visa online, you should require access to a digital scanner. But, if you apply online, then you must have original copies of the above-mentioned documents. Yet feel puzzled to get the student visa? Then Aram Visas is here to rescue you! We have an expert immigration team that guides you to complete the legal process. So, take a step forward towards the new part with us!

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Disclaimer: Aram Visas is not a recruitment or placement agency. Also, we do not assist with any kind of jobs or employment offers including domestic/international Placement. We only help with work permit documentation, immigration, and the overseas education process.
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