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Provincial Nominee Program

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General Guide To The Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is shortly known as the PNP. It offers a gateway to Canadian immigration, and this program is initiated by the Canada Government. It also allows the territories across Canada to choose the candidates based on their education, skills and work experience suitable for their economy and labour market requirements. As per the respective needs, you can apply for the different provincial programs to become a PR. Also, this program can give you the chance to setting in various regions of the country.

PNP Program Applying Process

You can follow the below steps to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. Foremost, you should create a profile for the Express Entry. Then you can choose the required provinces that you are applying for the PNP. The next step is to apply for the particular streams. A stream is a classification of diverse sorts of the Provincial Nominee Program. Then their step is to get the permanent residence’s invitation to apply. You can get 6-0 days to fill out your application after receiving the invitation.

Key Benefits Of the Provincial Nominee Program

– The primary advantage of the Provincial Nominee program is that it is one of the simple processes to migrate to Canada as you don’t require high CRS Scores. Even if you have a CRS score of approximately 400 and you are meeting all the PNP eligibility criteria of a specific Canadian province, your profile will be selected. Therefore, it is easier to get permanent residency throughout PNP because as soon as you get the recommendation from a province, you get 600 CRS points, which eventually increases your overall CRS score. This is one of the major benefits of the provincial nominee programs.

– An added advantage is that, if you are moving to a huge city like Toronto, or Vancouver there’ll be a lot of job competition, but when you are immigrating to a province like Alberta, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan, there will be a lesser work competition. So, the chances are that you will get a job promptly compared to cities like Toronto and Vancouver.

– The next benefit is if you’re moving to a region, the living cost will be small, and the money you will be spending on cereal, groceries, and transport will be less than compared to spending in Toronto or big cities like Vancouver.

Provincial Nominee Program Application Process 

You can apply for the Canada Provincial Nominee Program in the below two ways

Direct Provincial Nominee Program Application 

You need to decide on the province to settle and follow the below steps for PNP application in direct application.

CRS Score Calculator

Express Entry System Application

Mainly, to start the procedure you need to be registered in the Express Entry program. After registration, the candidate is positioned in the Express Entry Pool. The pool placement process will be depending on the applicant’s obtained points or rank. The registration is reviewed to see if the applicant’s skill meets the requirements of any of the regions. If the abilities match, then the province provides the selection letter. There is an extra advantage of Express Entry, as along with selections, the candidate will also get an extra 600 points towards their CRS score (Comprehensive Ranking System). The increased CRS score will help the candidate to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian PR.

Significant Documents Required For Canada PNP

Certain documents are mandatory for the Canada PNP’s application procedure

Canada PNP Finder

 List Of Diverse Provincial Nominee Programs For Immigrants

Choose the right Provincial Nominee Programs by understanding the basic guidelines of each of them.

Last Few Words 

Be sure to keep all the above things in mind when you select the Provincial Nominee Program. At Aram Visas, our skilled staffs are here to help you to get through the PNP program. It’s our pleasure to be a part of visiting your dream country. Thus, contact us and take your first step toward Canadian immigration.

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Disclaimer: Aram Visas is not a recruitment or placement agency. Also, we do not assist with any kind of jobs or employment offers including domestic/international Placement. We only help with work permit documentation, immigration, and the overseas education process.
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