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Guide To Become An Australian Citizen

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    Australian Citizen

    Guide To Become An Australian Citizen 

    Is Australia your dream destination? Then this blog is for you! Here you can know significant things about getting Australian citizenship. Going through it completely can help you to know the essential information. 


    Check Your Eligibility 

    The general Australian citizenship eligibility requirements are listed below: 

    Who All Are Not Eligible? 

    People with the below circumstances can’t get Australian citizenship:

    Significant Things To Keep In Mind

    The below information is for people 59 years and below

    Step-By-Step Process To Become An Australian Citizen 

    Ensure to follow the below steps when you want to become a citizen of Australia. 


    Step – 1: Make Sure To Check Your Eligibility 

    Ensure that you meet all the vital eligibility requirements. 

    Step – 2: Prepare Your Documents 

    You need to submit the below-listed evidence that you meet the requirements.

    Check Eligibility

    Step 3: Apply For Australian Citizenship 

    You can apply for Australian citizenship online. Completing your application online, if possible, and submitting all the documents listed for your application type. So, the officers can easily finalize your application more quickly. Also, you can apply from in or outside of Australia.


    Step 4: Come To Your Appointment 

    Most people aged between 18 and 59 years old will have an interview with the officers, and sit the citizenship test. Others might only have an interview with the officers. They will send you an appointment letter with the details. The time from when you apply to your appointment date varies but can take several months.


    Step – 5: Wait For The Official’s Decision 

    You have to provide any additional documents that the Australian immigration officers ask for and let them know if any of your situations change, for instance, if you change your name or other information.


    Step-6: Outcome 

    The officers will notify you in writing and you will get a letter regarding the decision they made on your application. 


    Step 7: Attend A Citizenship Ceremony 

    Most candidates for citizenship by conferral must attend a citizenship ceremony and make the Australian Citizenship Pledge to become an Australian citizen.

    If you are required to attend a ceremony, then the officers will send you an invitation letter about four weeks before the event. Also, the wait times for citizenship ceremonies can differ.


    Processing Time Of The Australian Citizenship 

    The Australian citizenship processing time typically covers the time from lodging your application to the Australian citizenship ceremony. In addition, a small number of candidates do not need to attend a citizenship ceremony.

    Your application might take longer to process if:

    They cannot process your application if you do not pay the right citizenship application fee. Moreover, they will inform you if this is the case and may need to return your application to you.


    Cost To Get Australian Citizenship 

    Generally, it will cost around AUD490 to get Australian citizenship. If aged 16 or 17 years at the time of application, then it will cost around AUD300. Also, there is no charge for a child 15 years or younger applying on the same form as a parent.


    If you need any help to get Australian citizenship, then feel free to contact Aram Visas now! 


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