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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out which immigration program I may be eligible to apply for?
Our experienced qualified immigration consultants in India can use their expertise to assess which of several immigration programs you may be best-suited to apply for, based on your personal profile.
Why do I need a consultant?
Immigration laws and policies continue to change over time, and having up-to-date advice from an expert is crucial in determining your eligibility. A consultant’s advice can be the difference between success and failure.
How long is the process?
The duration of the process depends on the type of application. On average, most applications for sponsorship take up to 11 months, whereas applications for permanent residency range between 6 to 12 months.
How do I know if I qualify?

All you need to do is fill up our assessment form and we will get back to you

Is an application processed faster with the help from an Immigration Consultant?

No. An application is never processed faster regardless if you are represented by a consultant, lawyer, or if you are doing it on your own. Though, the help of an Immigration Consultant can help you avoid errors or omissions which can cause significant, and sometimes costly, delays.

Australia Visa FAQ’s

Will I have to take a medical exam?
Yes, all immigration applicants must take a medical examination. This is to ensure that you are medically fit to enter Australia and are free to contagious diseases.
What is the difference between State Nomination and Independent Subclass?

Both Visas subclass are PR but the holder of 190 must live and work in the state which has nominated their occupation for the first two years upon arrival. You will then be free to move to a different part of Australia

What is the Australian SOL List?
This stands for Standard Occupation List. This is a resource list used by the Australian government to classify occupations and skill levels.
Once approved, how soon i must travel ?

This is calculated from the date of your approval and is from the date of your completed final medical, you normally have 1 year from this point to make entry. However, after the medical you will still need to allow for time for the visa stamping at your nearest consulate office and therefore this maybe a further 3-6 months.

You will generally be left with 6 to 12 months to land in Australia. The exception is for temporary visas, such as work visas, in which case you may only have a number of months to enter the country which will be stated in the visa validity on the stamp in your passport.

Do you need to take an English test in order to be eligible for the Australian skilled worker category?

Yes, your level of English will gain you points for your visa application. It is a requirement to take a standardized language test in English regardless of your country of nationality.

You will be given points based on your ability to:

How long does it take to get a permanent residence visa to immigrate to Australia?
Each application is unique. Processing times depend on the type of visa being applied for. It may take most applicants for permanent residence visas in Australia 10 to 20 months (including the time required to prepare the application before submission) to receive a decision on their visa application.
Spousal cases and temporary work visas can take between 3 to 6 months, while applicants requiring professional registration can take an additional 6 to 12 months to process.
Working holidays and Visit visas may take up to 2-3 months.
This is a right and stamp on your passport granting you the permanent right to live and work in Australia.
You will have to be resident in Australia for two years before qualifying for social welfare assistance (i.e. unemployment benefits) but will be eligible for state medical care.
After four years, you can apply for citizenship, entitling you to an Australian passport (see below). You will only be eligible to vote once you have Australian Citizenship. Temporary residents (those on student and work visas) are generally not entitled to medical care or social welfare assistance at any time. Once the visa expires for temporary residence they will need to switch into another category of visa for leave Australia. Temporary resident visa can be valid for between 2-4 years.

Canada Visa FAQ’s

What is the National Occupational Classification?

The Canadian National Occupational Classification is a list issued by the Canadian government which details all the various occupations, their classification codes, their respective skill levels. From this list qualifying occupations each year are determined for the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Who can I include in my application as dependents for a Canada Immigration Visa?

You can include all your dependents and these include your married spouse or unmarried partner (providing you have been cohabiting for at least 12 months), all children under the age of 21 can also be included.

What is the difference between a resident visa and a permanent resident visa?

Permanent residency means you are allowed to reside indefinitely within a country and that mean you will be eligible to apply for citizenship after a qualified period of time.

Resident visa means you are allowed to live and work in the country however this may be valid only for a specified period of time usually 24 months.

Can people of any nationality apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency Visa?

Yes anybody can apply no restrictions on the nationality of applicant.

Do I qualify for a Canada Immigration Visa under the Skilled Worker category?

Before we take your case on we will guide you to qualify for a skilled worker visa based on your age, qualifications, occupation, work experience and English language ability.

What is the TEF test?

TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Françs) is an exam conducted by the CCIP (Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Paris) which tests the candidate’s proficiency in the French language. This test is also for individuals who are required to prove their level in French in order to work. It is obligatory for every person who wishes to go to Canada either to work or study. The TEF test is made up of four parts: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You will be given points for skilled immigration to Canada based on your results on the TEF with different bands scoring you different points.

Do you need to take an English or French test in order to be eligible for the Canadian skilled worker category?

Yes, your level of English and/or French will gain you points for your visa application. It is a requirement to take a standardized language test in either French or English regardless of your country of nationality. Every applicant is required to take an English or French test even if English or French is your first language.

You must take a language test from an agency designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) before starting the immigration process. You will be awarded up to 24 points for your basic, moderate or high proficiency level in English and French. You will be given points based on your ability.

Will I be interviewed by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officer?

This is hard to say. Not everyone is interviewed. The interviews are used to assess the truthfulness of information and documents provided and might be used to answer any questions or confirm any outstanding points the assessing caseworker may have.

What is a Police Clearance Certificate? And how do I obtain a Police Clearance Certificate?

This is required from all applicants 18 years or older and this required from each country the applicant has lived in since the age of 18 for more than 6 months. Each country has different procedures in which to obtain a police clearance certificate. It is recommended that you contact the police department in each country direct where you have lived for more than 6 months since the age of 18 to find out the local procedure.

What happens if I fail my medical due to disease or disorder?

Every case is judged individually and your full medical history will be considered. But if your disease or disorder will is serious and will put the Canadian people at risk or cause an excessive burden on healthcare or social services, then it is likely that you will not be able to receive a visa.

How long are medical examinations valid for?

Medical examinations are valid for 1 year from the date of the examination.

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