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    Everything You Need To Know About CRS Calculator

    Are you worried about your CRS score? Need to know the essential skills that need to improve? Then go through the below lines to know everything about the CRS Calculator.

    CRS Calculator System

    The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool is a points-based system that is used to access and score your profile in the express entry pool. Typically it also helps to access your various skills, education, and language proficiency. 

    The CRS Points Are Allocated To The Below Categories: 

    Various Factors That CRS Consider To Give Pints To Your Profile

    The Canada express entry has the below eligibility criteria: 

    CRS Cut-Off Score In 2022

    470 is the average cut-off score of CRS. Also, the IRCC used a CRS draw as a mechanism to choose the express entry applicants whose CRS scores are above an entrance that they fix at each draw. Draws habitually take place on Wednesdays every two weeks, but IRCC sometimes move away from this undeclared regulation.

    Good score- A good CRS score is typically in the range of 460 to 470. If you have a score in this range, then you can get the ITA. But, applicants with fewer scores also have the chance of getting IT.

    Minimum score – The minimum CRS score will be based on the scores of all the candidates in the Express Entry Pool who have applied in the same draw, and the score selected by the CEC. Most ITAs (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residence usually range between 439 to 465.


    How are the CRS Points calculated? 

    Total CRS Score = Maximum points (Core/Human Capital + Skill Transferability Factor + Additional Factors) = (500 + 100 + 600) = highest 1,200 points.

    This formula is used for the CRS Calculator to know your right score.

    Detailed Points Breakdown (Points Table)

    You must primary know-how CRS points are calculated, to calculate your CRS score,

    500 points =Human capital or Core factor + Common-law partner or spouse factor 

    600 points (maximum) = Human capital or Core factor + Common-law partner or spouse factor + Transferability factors 

    1200 points (maximum) =Human capital or Core factor + Common-law partner or spouse factor + Transferability factors + Additional points 

    Other Documents Of You Will Include:

          * Pay stump.

          * Employment bond.

          * Job report with the company letterhead (sealed or signed by the company preferably).

          * A reference letter from your manager with as much information as possible, and most significantly your job duties, signed and endorsed.

          * A certificate of employment and/or salary from your company.

          * Testimony that your employer declined to give the document per IRCC guidelines.

          * A Letter of Explanation to clear up why you could not present the mandatory document(s).

    For independent/ self-employed persons:

          * Proof that you own your business.

          * Documents for evidence of profits from clients.

    For people with Canadian work experience:

          * T4 tax information slips copies

          * Assessment notices

    Keep in mind that documentation is a vital part of your Visa process, so do it correctly.

    Final Lines 

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