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Canadian Citizenship Test

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    Significant Things To Know About Canadian Citizenship Test

    Is becoming a Canadian citizen your dream? Then you should pass the Canadian Citizenship Test, which is a multiple-choice questions test about Canada. They will include questions regarding Canada’s history, political system, identity, national symbols, geography, values and the responsibilities of citizenship. 

    Canadian Citizenship Test Eligibility 

    You can take the Canadian Citizenship Test or go to the interview based on your age and application. 

    Your age and Condition

    Take the citizenship test

    Go to the interview

    Individuals of 18 to 54 years of age



    People of 55 age and above



    Individuals under the age of 18 with a Canadian parent or a parent applying simultaneously


    No, may be except in several cases

    People from the age of 14 to 17 without a Canadian parent or a parent applying at the same time



    People under the age of 14 without a Canadian parent or a parent applying at the same time


    No, may be except in several cases


    What’s On The Canadian Citizenship Test

    The Canadian Citizenship Test shows how much you know well about Canada. Typically, they will ask you around 20 questions about the Canadian’s and Canada’s rights and responsibilities. 


    Study For The Canadian Citizenship Test

    To study for your Canadian Citizenship Test, you can go through the internet to find ample study materials. So, plan properly and prepare well and pass the test. 


    About Get Your Canadian Citizenship Test And Interview Date

    After receiving the Acknowledgment of receipt letter, you may be invited to take the test within a few weeks. Also, before 1 or 2 weeks of the test, you can get a notice with the date, location and time. If you are not available on the appointment day, then send a message to explain to the officer as well as to get a new date. When you don’t give an explanation or the explanation is not reasonable, then you have the chance that the officers will stop your application process and not grant your Canadian citizenship. Moreover, you can write or email the local office that sends you the notice or else use the help of the online web form. 


    Typically, once you get your e-mail or letter, they will schedule your interview on a different date. Further, only you can take the Canadian Citizenship Test in the test room, so avoid taking your child there. 


    Essential Things To Bring For The Test 

    Don’t forget to bring the below things when you come for the test:

    Taking The Canadian Citizenship Test

    The Canadian Citizenship Test will be available in English or French. The duration will be around 30 minutes long with 20 questions. They also would be the multiple-choice and true or false options questions. It is mandatory to get 15 correct answers to pass this test. 

    Typically, your test will be written but may be oral. A Canadian citizenship official may fix on the test day that instead of writing a test, you have an oral one. If you have difficulties in reading and writing in French or English languages, At a hearing, an oral test can be offered by the citizenship officer. The hearing will take place on the original date of the test in some cases. If it will be getting late, then the officer will send you the notice with the information like time, date and location. 


    Next Steps After The Canadian Citizenship Test

    You will meet with a Canadian citizenship official for an interview after the test. During this time, the citizenship officer will provide you with the test result. If your age is between 18 to 54, then they would check your language skills. They would also verify your application and original documents. Furthermore, the officers will ask any questions about your application. Thus, ensure to check if you meet all the essential requirements for citizenship. 

    If you pass the Canadian Citizenship Test and meet the requirements for citizenship, then the officers will give you a ceremony date and provide you with the test results. 


    Final Thoughts 

    Planned to take the Canadian Citizenship Test? Then feel free to contact ARAM VISAS! We will help you to take, and complete the Canadian Citizenship Test successfully. Our professionals are here to assist you through the entire process! Hence, make a call to us today! 

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