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    A Complete Guide About The Canada Express Entry Visa

    Canada has a set of limits on the number of permanent resident applications they will accept every year. If you don’t get permission during this time, then you need to wait until next year. In that case, you can use the help of the Canada Express Entry Visa, which is the fastest and most popular way to get permanent residence. In addition, Canada welcomes nearly 110,000 expert workers through this process each year. Don’t you know anything about this system? Then reading the below lines will let you know everything about the Canada Express Entry Visa.


    Canada Express Entry Visa System

    The express entry is a point-based immigration regulatory system of Canada that was developed by the (IRCC) Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada in the year of 2015. The government can manage the applications of skilled worker’s applications who want to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents with the help of this system. As well, the applicants with the highest points can receive an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for the PR in Canada. The Canada Express Entry Visa comes under three important immigration programs: 

    The Eligibility Criteria For Canada Express Entry Visa

    The Canada express entry has the below eligibility criteria: 

    Moreover, the eligibility criteria will vary based on the program. 

    Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

    The CRS is also a point-based system that assigns points to applicants after accessing various factors. You have the points such as Core or Human Capital factor + Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points. For the Core or Human Capital factor + Spouse or common-law partner factors + Transferability factors = a Maximum of 600 points. Also for the Core or Human Capital factor + Spouse or common-law partner factors + Transferability factors + Additional factors = Maximum 1200 points

    Required Documents 

    The Canada express entry documents will be depending on two stages: profile submission and permanent residency application submission.

    You need the below documents for the profile submission

    You require the below documents for the permanent residency application

    Proof of funds 

    The proof of funds is the way the immigrants show that they have adequate finance for Canadian immigration. As well, programs like Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Experience Class (CEC) program require proof of funds.

    If proof of funds is not needed, then you should write a letter. It must state the reason for not showing the funds proof as you got a valid job offer, you are invited to apply under the CEC or others. 

    Accepted proof of funds 

    The below things can be accepted as proof of funds

       – Money in a joint account (if your partner is come with you)

       – Cash

       – Bonds

       – Treasury bills

       – Banker’s drafts

       – Traveller’s cheque

       – Money orders

       – Debentures 

       – Official letters from any financial institutions


    The official letters must have the letterhead of the respective financial institution, your name, contact details, and a list of the outstanding debts such as loans, and so on. As well, the latter should include all account numbers, each account opening date, accounts present balance, and the last six months’ average balance. 

    In addition, things such as borrowed money and real property valuation won’t be counted as proof of funds. 

    Canada Express Entry Visa Applying Process 

    Following the below steps can help to apply for the Canada Express Entry Visa

        * Be sure to check if you are eligible for the express entry program

        * Collect all the required documents without missing anything 

        * Create your express entry profile

        * Submit the profile

        * Depending on the CRC scores the candidates will be selected

        * Applicants with the highest scores can get ITA

        * The candidates have to apply for the PR within 60 days after the ITA

        * Submit the additional documents if selected 

        * You can get PR in Canada after the verification process. 


    Why Choose Aram Visas? 

    You would feel puzzled and overwhelmed after knowing all the above processes right? But no worry as Aram Visas is always here to assist you through the entire process of Canada Express Entry Visa. We provide you with the one-stop solution for all your visa needs including profile evaluation, documentation, and everything. We will be pleased to help you, so without any delay begin your express entry visa application now! 

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    Disclaimer: Aram Visas is not a recruitment or placement agency. Also, we do not assist with any kind of jobs or employment offers including domestic/international Placement. We only help with work permit documentation, immigration, and the overseas education process.
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