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Australian PR Benefits

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    Australian PR Benefits

    Significant Things To Know About The Australian PR Benefits

    Is Australia your dream destination? Then, certainly, you would know the importance of having an Australian PR (Permanent Residency). Also, it will allow you to stay in this country, and you can enjoy all the benefits of immigrants. When compared to other countries, Australia has a high-living standard. Thus, you will surely get plenty of Australian PR benefits.


    Apart from that, you can get various rights to receive family benefits including paid parental leave, newborn payments, family tax advantages, and so on. As well, only PR are permitted to purchase second-hand residential property. In addition, no sponsor or nominator is required, so you can apply for the PR visa after only being invited to do so. In this blog, you can know the crucial things about getting the Australian PR benefits. 


    ​Rights You Get By Having Australian PR 

    Be sure to keep in mind that an Australian permanent resident and an Australian citizen are not the same.

    Here are the Australian PR benefits:

    Apart from the above Australian PR benefits, you may also be eligible for other government benefits and services. If you hold a permanent visa but are not located in Australia, your eligibility for the above factors may be impacted. You can even contact the relevant government departments or authorities to confirm your rights and responsibilities.


    Unlike Australian Citizens, A Permanent Resident Usually Cannot:

    Check Eligibility

    Overseas Travel As An Australian Permanent Resident 

    Though you are a PR and get the Australian PR benefits, you do not have an automatic right to return to this country from abroad. As well, your right to re-entry to Australia will be based on the travel facility validity on your PR visa. You can find this travel facility validity that is mentioned in both visa information and visa grant notification letter. The additional information on knowing your travel facility will be available in ‘Travel facility’ on your PR visa.  


    In addition, it will expire after 5 years, and you have to apply for and be granted either: 

    Proof Of Australian Permanent Resident 

    To prove permanent resident status, you can use VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) to:

    You can do this, as long as your visa is associated with your passport or Immicard. 

    Common cases when you may have to verify your permanent resident status contain:

    Visa Options To Become An Australian PR 

    ​​People can become Australian permanent residents in diverse ways. Three common ways of becoming a permanent resident are by obtaining:

    Do you want to get Australian PR benefits? Then feel free to contact Aram Visas now and start to explore your future! 

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